Why Fillet Brazing? 

Yes… its probably the most beautiful way to finish a steel bike; in its raw form. But this perfection does not come without its drawbacks and there’s no two ways about it; over time, a raw frame (clear coated) will begin to rust, which isn’t for everyone…

Why does it rust?

We do not cover any warranty claims made against rust on a raw frame.

If you are purchasing a raw finish, you must accept this fact and be willing to put the correct maintenance in to your frame to preserve it.

BUT… its not all doom and gloom; so lets read on….

How our frames are treated.

Our raw frames are clear coated and whilst this does not stop the process, it certainly slows it down. Our raw frames are also still internally treated with anti corrosion formula, which also aids in the defence.

My frame has rusted, what can I do?

If you have gotten to the point where your frame has rusted, DO NOT WORRY… it is completely natural.

Some customers often aim for this look and will keep it, but if its not for you, there are options to take if you wanted to restore it;

  • The frame can be stripped and re-coated in a brand new or custom colour (we also offer this but it is a chargeable service).
  • The clearcoat can be stripped and the rust removed, then ran as a bear frame. This would require rust removal with wire wool and oil on a regular basis to keep the rust at bay